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OBEY, CONSUME, WATCH John Carpenter's They Live

I'm a little late to the party obviously, but I finally watched John Carpenter's They Live. I actually didn't even really know about this movie - somehow slipped under my radar - until I was out with some friends and we were talking about my movie drawings. One of the guys suggested that I do one of the aliens from They Live. I obviously then had to admit that I haven't seen that movie (and that isn't really even one of the embarrassing movies to say that I haven't seen... one rhymes with Schmasino, and another with The Schmodfather, Schmoodfellas, etc. etc.). I must have something against gangster movies! Hahaha.

They Live was definitely not my favorite movie, but like with almost any movie I can find myself enjoying myself and appreciating certain things.

Admittedly, it was really hard for me to get through the first half hour. I would put the movie on and pretty quickly fall asleep. It just moves really slow with long shots of Roddy Piper just wandering around the city. I think it wasn't until the third time or so of putting it on and fast forwarding to where I fell asleep that I found something interesting enough to keep me up. It's not totally the movie's fault BTW. I normally don't watch these kinds of movies until after the kiddos are in bed.

There are many moments that are awkwardly slow with dialogue that just doesn't seem to fit with what is happening. There are one-liners in there just for the sake of being one-liners, but unlike other movies there isn't a bunch of other dialogue besides the one-liners to keep the plot moving along.

All of that said - it was what I expected. It was a fun (bad) B-Action-Movie. Check out my full discussion of the movie in this video. And be sure to head to my shop where you can find a great They Live gift of this drawing available as an art print, mug or shirt.

Thanks! You're nice. 🤘🏻 Brian (the guy that draws movies)


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