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Multiplicity starring Michael Keaton, Michael Keaton and Michael Keaton

... and one more Michael Keaton actually, but I thought that would be an obnoxious title!

I will start this Brian Draws Movies version of a movie review off by saying that I love Michael Keaton. I think he is spectacular actor and incredibly funny. Night Shift, Beetlejuice, Birdman, the Founder.... as Ken in Toy Story 3! My favorite part of The Other Guys is the scenes where he is included - OH! And the bonus features stuff where he is pep talking the Bed, Bath and Beyond staff. So funny. I can't imagine what it was like just sitting there as an extra watching Michael Keaton riff. So anyway, give me a movie where he plays multiple roles? Yes, please.

Are there problems with the story? Are there weird circumstances that might not make total sense? Yeah, absolutely. I always think it's funny that someone can justify unbelievable plot points in certain movies and simply ignore them or accept them in other movies that might be more near and dear to their heart. I had a friend that hated the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull for no other reason than it had aliens in it. Ok, so you can believe all of the religious stuff with spirits flying out of the arc and you can believe someone pulling someone's heart out, but aliens is crossing the line? NO!

SIDE NOTE: the real reason to hate that movie is cause Shia LaBeouf is in it.... and he swings through trees like a monkey. And... he's Shia LaBeouf.

(Wow great review of MULTIPLICITY so far Brian!!!)

I think that Multiplicity is a simple, fun, easy-to-watch movie if you can be non-pretentious enough to enjoy it for what it is. Michael Keaton is fun to watch in all four roles, especially as Number Four! If you haven't seen it, enjoy it for what it is - a fun, early 2000's comedy. Check out my "movie review" video and if you really like this movie, make sure to check out this drawing of Michael Keaton in my shop.


You're nice. 🤘🏻

Brian (the guy that draws movies)


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