Awesome Gifts for Movie Lovers: Paul Rudd Fans!

I have probably been a Paul Rudd fan ever since I saw him in Wet Hot American Summer. I mean the guy just seems like a down-to-earth, good guy. I am sure I’m not alone when I think – if I was a celebrity, I would be just like Paul Rudd. Then add the fact that he was dubbed People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2021! Hahaha. I mean, would it get better than that?

I currently have two options for movie lover gifts for Paul Rudd fans. From two of my favorite Paul Rudd movies, Wet Hot American Summer and I Love You, Man.

I Love You, Man

I am pretty sure that I want to be Paul Rudd, but I also want to have enough confidence to dress like Sydney, Jason Segel’s character from the movie. There are a ton of funny moments in this movie. Picking one to draw would be tough, BUT anytime anyone talks about playing a bass, a bass, bass players, etc. etc. I have to bust out the quote “Slappin’ da bass, mon”! So, it was a bit of a no-brainer to draw that scene.

Wet Hot American Summer

Outside of the Paul Rudd Scenes, there are so many scenes that would be hilarious to draw in this movie! So many funny moments, quotable moments, hilarious characters, etc. How about any Amy Poehler and Bradley Cooper scene! BUT, the Andy scenes are by far my favorite. The scene in the cafeteria might be my favorite scene in the whole movie – where he is throwing a 4-year-old tantrum picking up the tray and silverware he just flung on the floor. But, probably tied with that, at least a close second, are all of his ridiculous make-out sessions. None better than the one ended by the quote, “My butt itches”.

If you are a Paul Rudd fan or know a Paul Rudd addict, these two mugs give you solid options for a Paul Rudd tribute worth sipping from!

Check out the Wet Hot American Summer mug or the I Love You, Man mug. And be sure to check out the full collection of movie scene artwork and mugs that are available. They make amazing gifts for movie lovers and movie buffs!